Art History 1

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1: Name this 17th Century painting and artist.
Gladiators by Aniello Falcone
The Market by Aniello Falcone
The Baths by Carmine Vespucci

2: Name this 1884 painting and artist.
The Urinal by I. P. Freely
In the Gym by Joseph Dierick
Ritch Street by Brannan Soma

3: Hans Thoma (Solitude) began his career with what occupation?
Clock Face Painter
Interior Decorator
Mens Room Attendant

4: What is the name of this Konstantin Somov Painting?
Naked Young Man
Portrait of A Man
The Boxer

5: The Studio is a photograph by which American artist and photographer?
Tim Stewart
Thomas Eakins
Annie Leibovitz

6: August Bresgen's Portrait of Two Friends was painted where?
Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia
Florence, Italy
New Orleans, Louisiana

7: The location depicted in this painting by William Adolphe Bouguereau is where?

8: The location of this 1818 Jean Delville painting is where?
Plato's Academy
Barilla's Spaghetti Farm
Roman Baths at Stonehenge

9: This photo of George Leigh Mallory is by
Tim Stewart
Duncan Grant
Bruce of Los Angeles

10: The Slumber is a painting by which artist?
Magnus Enckell
Konstantin Somov
Steven Clayton Corry

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