Gay Trivia 4

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1: In what film does a group of four gay friends have to fight for their lives to escape a serial killer loose at the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival?
Revenge of the Nerds
Eating Raoul
10,000 Maniacs
2: In 2014 what lubrican ran ads for Valentines day featuring gay soldiers?
Cum Lube
Gun Oil
Tabasco Sauce
3: What NYC gay bath house had 2,000 lockers, 500 mini lockers, and 400 rooms which were booked solid most of the time?
The Ritz
The Continental Baths
Ritch Street Baths
Bulldog Baths
4: Who was the first presidential candidate to use the words "gay and lesbian" from the podium of a national politcal convention?
Jesse Jackson
Robert Kennedy
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
5: What was the name of the first homosexual doll?
Gay Bob
GI Jack
6: What did picket signs say at the opening of Mae West's film, "It Aint No Sin"?
"Get Out Of Town"
"God Hates Fags"
"Come Up And See Me Sometime"
"Yes It Is"
7: The April 16th 1993 "Globe" tabloid put Aaron Spelling in shock when they reported which of his "Beverly Hills 90210" stars was living with drag queen Alexis Arquette?
Jason Priestley
Brian Austin Green
Luke Perry
Tori Spelling
8: "Clean Up After your Dog" signs in West Hollywood have an image of an unduly muscled and naked man with a very large what?
9: When was the first Gay Pride parade?
1970 in San Francisco
1970 in Chicago
1970 in New York City
1970 in Los Angeles
10: In which John Water's film did Divine eat dog shit?
"Hair Spray"
"Hag In A Black Leather Jacket"
"Eat Your Makeup"
"Pink Flamingos"

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