Gay Trivia Test 1

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1: In what film does Robbie Benson dive off a bridge because of a homosexual experience?
Our Miss Brooks
Southern Discomfort
Ode to Billy Joe
2: Who claimed her son could not be gay because it is against his religion
Barry Manilow's mother
Rita Mae Brown
Barbara Streisand
Michael Jackson's mother
3: Who was Bette Midler's first piano player?
Billy Joel
Elton John
Mavis Staples
Barry Manilow
4: In what film was Brad Davis propsitioned by a fellow inmate in a Turkish prison?
Midnight Express
Eating Rahul
The Choir Boys
5: What was Mae West's last film?
Glenn or Glenda
Myra Breckenridge
Go West Young Man
6: Who played the part of the gay angel in Barbarella?
Tony Danza
Richard Locke
John Phillip Law
Felippe Rose
7: What was Al Parker's real name?
George Hamilton
Drew Okun
Ryan Idol
Eric Turnipseed
8: What actor played a gay Zorro?
Charlie Chaplin
Guy Madison
George Hamilton
Marshall Mathers
9: What play did Mae West write about "gay boys"?
Hanging Out
The Drag
Looking for Mr. Gayboy
10: What food did Dan White claim caused him to murder Harvey Milk and George Moscone?
Hostess Fruit Pies
Ding Dong
Baked Potatoes
11: What proved there is a biological difference between gay and straight men?
diminished wrist control
dissimilar hormonal response
cognitive penile response
enhanced sphincter control
12: What film (by Terrance McNally) first exposed gay baths to the public at large?
Lost In America
Personal Best
The Ritz
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
13: If you are bar-hopping on KerkStraat, where are you?
Palm Springs
Fire Island
14: Who founded the "Moral Majority"?
Jerry Falwell
Pat Robertson
15: What rock star admitted that he and his wife were dating the same man?
Jacques Morali
Jim Morrison
David Bowie
Elton John
Ray Davies
Boy George
Rod Stewart

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