Gay Trivia Test 2

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1: What anti-gay group was founded in Lynchbur, VA
God Hates Fags
The Moral Majority
The P. T. L. Club
The Republican Party
2: Who did Truman Capote refer to as a "killer fruit"?
Dick Cheney
Ronald Reagan
Ron Reagan
J. Edgar Hoover
3: Who sang, "I'm Coming OUt"?
Donny Osmond
Michael Jackson
Justin Timberlake
Diana Ross
4: What was the flip side of "I'm Coming Out"?
The Man I Love
Upside Down
Ten Cents A Dance
Fire Island
5: What communist-baiting Senator did Drew pearson suggest was gay?
Karl Rove
Joseph McCarthy
Dan Quayle
Bill Frist
6: How many times did Dorothy click her heels to get out of Oz?
7: What gay resort area is located in Sonoma County, CA?
Fire Island
West Hollywood
The Russian River
Palm Springs
8: Who wrote "The Joy of Gay Sex"?
Jon Stewart
Randall Terry
Dr. Charles Silverstein and Edmund White
I. Scibby Looter
9: What was Rod Stewart's song about the death of a gay friend?
The Killing of Georgie
Reason to Believe
Young Turks
10: Who said, "I too have had homosexual experiences, and I am not ashamed"?
James Dean
Ryan Seacrest
Marlon Brando
Justin Timberlake
11: According to Paul Lynde, why do bikers wear leather?
Because it makes them sweat
Because chiffon wrinkles too easily
Because they can't go naked
Because it keeps their ball from chaffing
12: What actor worked in a gay bath as a towel boy?
Matt Damon
Mickey Rourke
Antonio Banderas
Dean Cain
13: What gay porn star worked at the Playboy Mansion?
Blake Harper
Al Parker
Jeff Gannon
Matthew Rush
14: What porn star outed John Travolta?
Peter North
Paul Baressi
Sergio Canali
Vince Rockland
15: A guiche piercing is on what part of the body?
Through the urethra
Between the anus and the scrotum
Horizontally through the glans
The nipple or the foreskin

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