Gay Trivia Test 3

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1: Who directed the film "Satyricon"?
John Waters
Cecil B. Demille
Federico Fellini
Quenton Tarantino
2: Luke MacFarlane of "Brothers and Sisters" was romantically linked to what "Prison Break" actor?
Wade Williams
Dominic Purcell
Paul Adelstein
Wentworth Miller
3: When asked their gender, who answered, "What difference does it make as long as you look fabulous?"
Chi Chi LaRue
Holly Woodlawn
Ru Paul
Dame Edna
4: Jason Collins came out in the 2014 NBA off-season. What team signed him when none other would?
San Diego Chargers
Los Angeles Clippers
Brooklyn Nets
Sacramento Chicken Hawks
5: What 3D porn movie starred Al Parker and Jack Wrangler?
"I Dream of Weenie"
"Kahuna Wong"
"Heavy Equipment"
6: Who wrote the paper back books, "Death of a Transvestite" and "Killer in Drag"?
Edward D. Wood, Jr.
Julian Mark
Victor B. Anus
Michael Bronsky
7: What US Senator was the god-father of Robert F. Kennedy
Tom Delay
Nancy Pelosi
Joseph McCarthy
Newt Gingrich
8: Feisty 1940's film star Frances Farmer gave what occupation when she was arrested?
Cock Sucker
Urban Terrorist
9: What TV show between 1960 & 1980 had the most GLBT actors?
Match Game 77
Dyke Van Dick Show
Hollywood Squares
10: In 1982 Scott Thorsen sue what piano player for $380 Million?
Barry Manilow
Michael Douglas
Michael Kearns
11: A high school principal in Matamoros Mexico suspended 15 students in 2009 for what reason?
Masturbating in the shower
Smoking in the boys room
Plucking their eyebrows
Drilling gloryholes
12: In what city is the gay bath house "Hollywood Spa" located?
New York City
13: Hungry bottom gay porn actor Joey Stephano was a model in what book?
Ru Paul's "Drag"
Bette Midler's "Beat Me Daddy"
Madonna's "Sex"
John Water's "Trash"
14: Who was driving the other car in the accident that killed James Dean?
Truman Capote
Richie Valens
Donald Turnupseed
Sal Mineo
15: The Los Angeles Gay Community Services Center occupies a building formerly occupied by what government agency?
Federal Bureau of Instigations
Department of Motor Vehicles
Hollywood Homocide
Internal Revenue Service

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