1A fat man wearing vibrant colors and tight clothing which shows off his fat. Also often called a zeppelin. (5)
4Fucking. Anal intercourse. The penis or some other object being inserted into the anus for intercourse. Most often used by the English. (9)
9Generally applied to a person showing mental problems. (7)
10Slang for female or trannie breasts. A gourd or gourd-shaped container filled with beans, pebbles, or similar objects, shaken as a percussion instrument. (7)
11Testicles. Also round objects used in playing many types of sports games. (5)
13Effeminate homosexual. Also a woman's name. (5)
15An "Unidentified Fucking Object" (3)
16A "Normally Open Rectum" (3)
17An abbreviation of the word "pornography". (5)
19Reputedly easy of sexual conquest. Also inexpensive and of low quality. (5)
21Anything that anybody would find delictable in and around their mouths. Could be a donut, chocolate candy, large penis, rectum or anything else. (5)
23A customer of a prostitute who demands very exotic or brutal sexual activity. Also a person who likes to do kinky shit in bed. Also a person that is a little bit kinkier than you are. (5)
24Urine or to urinate. Not to be confused with the 16th letter of the alphabet. (3)
25A section of music who's length is determined by the time signature. Also a piece of soap dropped in a shower. Also a place where one might find sleazy queens consuming alcohol and cruising for tricks. (3)
26A flamboyant homosexual (5)
28The penis. Also a bad mother...the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about. Also the stem of the penis. (5)
29Food; nourishment. Could be a pizza or a shot of cum down one's throat. Do not think this is a misspelled ailment. (7)
31When a fat man wears tight underwear and the flab is separated into 2 fleshy mounds visible to all and the person shows no modesty about it whatsoever. Could be a fat man in a speedo at the pool. Also a man the size of two tubs of lard (4,3)
33Slang for a location where only men gather. Also a place where men vacation to pretend they are cowboys. (4,5)
34To do a sex act. Also to fuck on cocaine or ecstasy. Also to have fun at a social gathering. Also a thing with cake and punch. (5)


1Someone who has sex outdoors (9)
2A container for amyl nitrite. (7)
3HIV+. (3)
4The rectal opening anus. Also a drab color. (5)
5Abbreviation for Gay Hispanic male (3)
6The name of the bird that gets the worm. (5)
7Make part of a whole or set. Also the opposite of "exclude" (7)
8A gadget, especially one whose name the speaker does not know or cannot recall. More commonly spelled with a "Z". (5)
12Something or someone very lame, or so sweet that it makes you want to puke. (5)
14Sexually promiscuous. Also a man's ass after he has been gang-fucked. Also the opposite of tight. (5)
18To cut or manufacture spiraling grooves - most often times inside the barrel of a gun (5)
19A soft drink, but more than one of them. Also the plural of a powdered narcotic. (5)
20A man who is good-looking in an effeminate way. (9)
22Not in circulation. Also serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole or conjugal visits. Also having a spouse (7)
24A monetary unit of several Middle Eastern countries. Do not confuse with taking a pee at the Aster Hotel. (7)
25Woman who dates a homosexual to prevent suspicion of his homosexuality (5)
26A male homosexual. Also used to describe something as unusual or strange. (5)
27Tally mark to keep count of how many men that you have fucked. Often used in conjunction with a belt. (5)
30A male who is maximally sexually attractive. At the top of the rating scale for sex appeal. (3)
32A smaller, more mischevious version of a demon. Sometime used to describe a child. (3)



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