1An animal that uses two legs for walking and one penis for fucking. (5)
4A large bus. Commonly used to transport those who cannot afford or are afraid of faster, more efficient or more luxurious transportation. (9)
9To beat or bash someone severely. Also the act of anal rape while the victime is asleep. (7)
10Anal intercourse (7)
11When someone makes something equal in number, amount, or value. (5)
13Involving or given to unusual sexual behavior. Usually a sexual activity you would not engage in but that someone else does not find unusual at all. (5)
15One night stand (3)
16A toilet.or bathroom. Also a tin container. (3)
17How most men like to have sex. (5)
19 An acronym for Waste Of Mega Bytes. (5)
21Acronym for "please enter penis slowly inside". A soft drink made popular by Joan Crawford. (5)
23A flamboyant homosexual. Royalty. (5)
24What people do when they have diarrhea. (3)
25Another term for a gay bathhouse. (3)
26To be sexually unfaithful. (5)
28A more eloquent or refined way of saying "shit". (5)
29Discard from one's memory what they have learned. (7)
31One that is open for sexual consideration. synonyms (7)
33Persons who behave in a particularly obnoxious or selfish manner. Also the tips of penises. (9)
34One who cuts grass. A machine used to cut grass. (5)


1Effeminate male homosexual. (9)
2Slang for semen. Also biological molecules (7)
3A room in a home usually reserved for men. What is now called a "Man Cave". Also a wild animal's lair or habitation. (3)
4Anal intercourse. Also a country in Southern Europe. (5)
5A variant of "fuck" used on Canadian television. A way to say 'fuck' without actually saying it. (3)
6A hustler or prostitute. Also one that needs to have sex all the time. Derived from a character played by Joan Crawford. (5)
7Gay serviceman. Also what gay servicemen wear. (7)
8A highly offensive and contemptuous racial slur for Italians. (5)
12A Japanes sliding door made of a latticed screen covered with white paper. (5)
14An effeminate male or homosexual. Pronounced as if it were a woman's name. (5)
18A Canadian name for a knitted hat that one would wear during the winter. Americans call it a beanie. (5)
19Plural of the British slang for masturbation or masturbating. (5)
20A writer of sonnets. (9)
22Items that resemble an erect penis. Also the genital phase of psychosexual development in males. (7)
24A symbol celebrating the uniqueness and diversity within the GLBT community. Often displayed in the form of a flag or "freedom rings". Also something Judy Garland sang about in "The Wizard of Oz". (7)
25A sailor. Also seafood that resembles an octopus. (5)
26To pass out due to intoxication or tiredness. Also what cars often do on the freeway. (5)
27Slang term for vaginas. Also inept people. (5)
30No strings attached. Casual sex. (3)
32An abbreviated term for an effeminate homosexual male. (3)



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